When you need a app recommendation, whom should you trust? Check out our list of kids app review sites, ordered by page views last month!


= Honest and trustworthy: Never charge developers for reviews, priority/expedited reviews, awards, quotes, sponsored posts or giveaways. Doesn’t develop apps for kids.


We update the list above automatically every day. If you want to comment this list, request the addition of websites or report a error, please write below.

Note 1: Only websites that are dedicated to review apps for kids are included.
Note 2: Ranks pulled from BuySellAds are 15% lower (source, aug 2015) because of ad blockers on desktop browsers. Because of this we’ve adjusted the ranks by adding 15%.
Note 3: Ranks pulled from Trafficestimate are just estimates (we will try to get better sources). Are you representing a review site? This site will publish your Google Analytics data for free. Let us know when you are listed!


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